Multimedia Brooch 2014

Using silver, gold, and copper metals primarily, integrated with unexpected materials, such as acrylic, fabrics, glass beads and pearls, I interpret real images and create exquisitely graceful and mysterious sculptural art jewelry. I envision the wearer's surprise and delight.

Images and inspiration come from nature, mostly from blossoming plants such as orchids, birds, fish, and fossils. Using my photography of fine details of these subjects, I compose imagery suggesting the original object, but juxtaposing alternative, complex components and materials to become a more unique entity. Using the photos for etching and roll printing brings parts of the original image onto the metals  making new textures. 

Combining beadweaving with these techniques and traditional metalsmithing, I draw on my painting training to use the play of color, texture contrast, patinas, forming, and motion to make these new, wearable art forms.